Well it’s about time

The upcoming winter is drawing ever more near. Today I noticed that northern Maine has a Winter Storm Warning issued for 5-10″ of snow, and the NWS forecasters are discussing heavy accumulations in the mountains of northern New Hampshire, too. We’ve still got a ways to go before the season really kicks into swing, but there are some things you can be doing to get yourselves ready, such as:

  • Come to the 4th Annual Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop (ESAW) to refresh and engage your avalanche brain. It’s only two days away (or one if you come for the AAC social event tomorrow night). More info can be found at www.esaw.org. We still have room for more people.
  • Enroll in an avalanche course. The best dates can fill quickly. Most of the local providers can be found here on our website.
  • Enroll in a first-aid course. Sure, accidents always happen to somebody else, but why not be ready when the time comes for you to spring into action and be a hero?
  • Do a little avalanche transceiver review session. Fall leaves make for excellent opportunities to hide one and search.
  • Consider joining a “Friends” group. We have two that we work closely with, Friends of Tuckerman Ravine and Friends of the Mount Washington Avalanche Center. These two groups, as well as all the rescue groups and the Volunteer Ski Patrol, work together to help keep people safe in the mountains.
  • Get in shape! Seriously, I’m not trying to call anyone out on being slothful, but I know that for me, I have more fun when I’m feeling fit than when I feel like every step up taxes my legs and lungs to no end. And really, shouldn’t it really all just be about making everything more fun?

Keep your eyes peeled to this website as well as our Facebook page, Instagram feed, and Twitter account. We’ll be posting sporadically from now until the first General Advisory, then with some regularity until the daily advisories using the Danger Ratings Scale begin. Hopefully that time is not far off!

Jeff Lane, Snow Ranger
Mount Washington Avalanche Center