Website Updates

What happened to the MWAC website???

Well, it’s been five years since we first moved away from to current site, and in that time much has changed, so we figured it was time to update the site. Since this fall and winter were off to such a lousy start, it gave us ample opportunities to work on the changes. Here’s some of the changes you’ll find today:

  • A more organized navigation bar, with an attempt to put the greatest emphasis on the Avalanche Advisory and resources one could use to help understand the advisory.
  • A page with the past 15 days advisories. When planning a trip, it’s often helpful to know the recent history of the snowpack.
  • A “News” section, where you will find the Weekend Update, The Pit, and now other newsworthy items that previously didn’t have a good home.
  • A streamlined homepage, less “busy”
  • Better responsiveness on mobile devices
  • An “About Us” section, with contact info so you know how to reach us
  • A “Trail Status” page, so you can quickly see which trails are open or closed (E.g. which Lion Head route or how far up the Sherburne is open.)

More changes are coming through the season, but we wanted to make the site live right now so we can ensure all the critical components are working properly when we move into full avalanche forecasting mode. There is nothing more unsettling to us than finding out that we cannot update the Advisory due to some website glitch.

Some of the changes I’m hopeful we’ll be able to implement include:

  • Bring our photos page back onto our website instead of using the Flickr site
  • Providing a means for you to share your photos with us
  • Providing access to our snowplot and avalanche observation data

If you are navigating around the site and have thoughts, comments, or questions, feel free to send them my way. When information flows in all directions, we all stand to benefit. So please don’t be afraid to speak up if you see something or want a feature added. We can’t do everything you might want, but if it’s a reasonable request and technologically feasible, we might incorporate your suggestions.

Jeff Lane

Ps: We owe a great deal of gratitude to Jeff F.  and Joe K. for their ongoing support of the tech side of this site. Thanks, guys.