It’s a beautiful day to be out in the mountains, and a good one for a stroll up to the Bowl for some photos. Not much has changed since last week, other than some melting near the top of Left Gully and more ice having been shed from the Headwall.

Skiers…right now your best options are Left Gully, what’s left of the Chute, and the lower part of Sluice through the area we call “Chicken Rock Gully.” This last run will put you into the line of fire from ice falling from the headwall, so be smart and don’t spend a lot of time lingering in this area. All the ice that hangs up above Lunch Rocks has already fallen, so if you are thinking of heading to the Rocks, set up far to the lookers right side to minimize your exposure to ice from the headwall.

Hikers…you can take the Tuckerman Ravine Trail as far as Lunch Rocks, but not beyond. The section of trail above the rocks is closed until complete meltout in a few weeks. Don’t attempt to summit through the ravine, unless you are intending to climb one of the steep snow routes, which are very different than a hiking trail. If you are heading to the summit, Lion Head is a good option and is the most direct route. From Pinkham to the Bowl, you can hike pretty easily without any traction devices. You’ll see some patches of ice, but unless you’re accident-prone, you will probably be just fine with boots.