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Hiker Broken Fibula

The victim was above treeline, hiking on the Lion Head trail. He stepped on a rock and rolled his ankle suffering a broken fibula. A member of his party went ahead to Hermit Lake to report the accident. A USFS Snow Ranger received the report at7:15pm. Members from the Mount Washinton Volunteer Ski Patrol, Appalachian Mountain Club and the Mountain Rescue Service responded to assist the Forest Service in getting the victim off the mountain. The victim was put in a litter, and lowered on 3 traverse belays across the snowfield on the hiking trail and then numerous short belays down the rest of the Lion Head trail to the Tuckerman Ravine trail. He was then taken to Hermit Lake and the litter was sledded down the Sherburne Ski Trail. The victim was off the mountain by 1:30am. This rescue took 10 people 5 1/2 hours to complete.

Injured Climber – Post Hole Hyper Extension

The victim and his partner had completed an ice climb of Pinnacle gully and were descending the southern rim of Huntington Ravine, looking for the Escape Hatch. They missed the Escape Hatch and proceeded beyond Frog Rock before bushwhacking down an old slide path. About half way down the victim post-holed and injured his leg. His partner continued bushwhacking down to the Huntington Ravine trail and reported the accident to the Harvard Mountaineering Club Caretaker. The Caretaker notified the Forest Service Snow Rangers. With the assistance from multiple climbers and local guides he was belayed down in a litter. Snow Rangers met up with this adhoc rescue team as they reached non-technical terrain and assisted with the carry out to the trail. He was then placed in a sled behind a snow machine and transported to Pinkham to a waiting ambulance. The victim suffered a tib/fib fracture. This rescue took 24 people around 2.5 hours to complete.

Injured Hiker

The victim was hiking on the Tuckerman Ravine trail near the base of the Ravine when he slipped and fell on ice and broke his right clavicle. The victim was attended to by the Mount Washinton Volunteer Ski Patrol and then given a ride in the USFS Snowcat to Pinkham. This incident took 2 people 2 hours to complete.

Sliding Fall

A hiker took a sliding fall into Lunch Rocks and injured her knee. She was treated by two Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrollers and assisted to Hermit Lake. From there she was transported to Pinkham Notch on a snowmobile by a USFS Snow Ranger.

Injured Hiker

The patient injured his ankle while hiking down the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. He was treated by a USFS Snow Ranger and transported to Pinkham Notch by snowmobile. The incident took one person 1/2 hour to complete.

Injured Hiker – Lion Head

The victim was descending the Lion Head winter route when another hiker fell and slid into him. This caused the victim to fall and twist his left knee. He was able to make his way to Hermit Lake where he was attended to by the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol. He was transported to Pinkham by a USFS Snow Ranger via snowmobile. This incident took 2 people 1 hour.

Crampon Injury

The victim was descending from the summit at approximately 3:15pm when he tripped after catching a crampon, injuring his right leg. He was assisted by his guide until a litter arrived. He was lowered down the Lion Head trail by the guide, the HMC and AMC caretakers, a USFS Snow Ranger and volunteers. He was then taken by snowcat to Pinkham and a waiting ambulance. The victim suffered a broken tibia and fibula and a dislocated ankle of the right leg. This rescue took 11 people 5 hours.

Hiking Crampon Injury

The victim was hiking up the Right Gully wearing crampons (and had no ice axe) when he fell. He caught his crampon in the fall twisting his ankle. He was lowered down the slope on a 300′ static rope by the MWVSP and a USFS Snow Ranger and put in a litter on the floor of the ravine. He was then carried down to Pinkham by a group of volunteers and taken by ambulance to the hospital. This rescue took 24 people and 4 hours (46.5 person hours) to complete. The victim reported back that he had broken his ankle and had a plate and 5 screws installed.

Hiker Becomes Ill

The victim and partner were camping out on the Summit cone when she became ill during the night. The next day they determined she was too weak to descend on her own and around 9:15 am they called 911 on their cell phone requesting assistance. Due to incorrect information and weather conditions, searchers did not find the two until about 1:45 pm. The victim was assisted down the Lion Head Winter Route and was then transported to Pinkham by the USFS snowcat. The rescue took 8 people and 9 hours to complete. Cell phones should not be relied upon when in the mountains. Rescuers were not able to contact the victim’s cell phone and the location information that was given was not correct so it took hours to find the victims.

Dislocated open thumb fracture

The victim was hiking down to hermit Lake from the ravine when he fell. He suffered a dislocated open thumb fracture. A member of the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol met him on the trail and rendered assistance, taping his thumb. The victim then walked down to Pinkham and transported himself to Androscoggin Valley Hospital.