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See an avalanche or evidence of previous avalanche activity?  Near-miss? Snowpack observations? Please let us know! 

- eg. "Avalanche in Left Gully, Tuckerman Ravine"
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Enter any other pertinent information below. This information may include: general or specific observations about the snow pack, results from snow pit and stability tests. weather observations, or even just your gut feelings.

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Please give as much information as you can about each picture. Where is it? When was it taken? What’s going on? Who is in the picture and who took the picture? Be as specific as possible. GPS locations and elevations are welcome for location information.

Thanks for sharing your observations. Information and photos will become records maintained by the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, any personal information will not be published. At our discretion, we may choose to publish information or photos on our website or social media. We will provide context and give credit when possible.