Sliding fall, Tuckerman Ravine

May 30, 2021


On Sunday May 30, at approximately 1:20pm, a Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patroller radioed the USFS lead snow ranger to report that a skier had taken a sliding fall down a 35 degree snow slope into Lunch Rocks. A short time later, the ski patroller made contact with the patient, and the small group of skiers who were rendering aid, and determined that the patient required immediate evacuation due to the nature of the injuries. Just prior to this contact, a bystander had triggered a distress signal via InReach that alerted State Police and NH Fish and Game at 12:40pm of the accident. At 2:20pm, after determining no other air ambulances were available, a flight briefing with USFS personnel concluded and by 3:45pm, a helicopter departed Weymouth, Mass.

The upper red dot marks the location where the slip began, most likely on a patch of ice hidden by spring snow. Ice flows out over the snow from time to time in the winter and can lurk just beneath soft looking snow. The lower red dot marks the location where the patient crashed into the rocks.