Photo Condition Update

Huntington Ravine

December 13, 2016


Looking up into the fan of Huntington. You may even be able to see climbers topping out Cloudwalkers.



Notice the enlarged snowfield below the ice in Odell. Still a bit bony in the upper reaches.



South Gully is almost snow from top to bottom. Still pretty thick down low.


Tuckerman Ravine

December 13, 2016


Still very early season in Lobster Claw.



The Bowl. Things to notice besides my thumb: The crown in the bottom left of the photo continues over to lookers left under the Chute and is rapidly filling in. Also, while the center Headwall looks blurry, it is from the blowing snow pouring down over the ice.



Left Gully and the Chute looking much larger than last year in mid-December.