+100mph winds in Tuckerman’s Ravine

April 23, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Name: Ryan Lewthwaite| MWAC
Location: +100mph winds in Tuckerman’s Ravine

Early morning clouds dissipated into mostly sunny skies, 28F degrees, and 1 inch of new snow around Hermit Lake. The winds were violent at times, gusting to 132mph from the west and blowing around any soft snow. Much of the skiable terrain was scoured by the winds except for the east facing slopes of Sluice and Right Gully. A large pocket of wind-transported snow had developed between the two routes which was 4Finger to 1Finger hard and up to 2 feet thick. Folks that had skied in this area were treated to decent turns on this newly formed slab. Although a small avalanche adjacent to a boot-pack in Sluice had cleaned itself, likely triggered by human influence(R1 D1). A density change was noted in the newly formed slab that had more firm snow over softer snow which was 4 inches above the old Pencil hard snow surface. Untested and more shallow slabs are developing lower on the fetch of Center Headwall, while Left Gully and Hillman’s were old refrozen snow moguls. Variable conditions were observed where the sun had effected new snow leaving behind a thin crust on some slabs of wind-drifted snow.