April 17, 2021 at 4:00 PM
Name: Mark Toronto| Ski,Mountaineer & Instructor
Location: Hillman’s , TRT & The Shereborne

7″ on high moisture content Snow at the Base.
Snow Covered from the Base. allowed me to Skin Up vs doingbit the hard way.
Noticed warming of the snow/ observed some rollerballs on the approach.
Observed. some Wind drifted areas having 16″.
After assessing the interface/ bonding. of the New Snow, which,was good, Green Light for Hillmans.
Found Great Snow very PNW type.. Snow had consolidated and skinning uphill travel was almost easy..Vis,/Weather became an issue in the late afternoon…
Out by dark.
Today will,bring Cement Slough/mini wet slides like last Sat.