New snow & East winds in Tuckerman’s

April 16, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Name: Ryan Lewthwaite| MWAC
Location: New snow & East winds in Tuckerman’s

Conditions at 2PM in Tuckerman’s Ravine were overcast and snowing with 24F degrees. East winds were moderate (20mph) gusting to extreme (76mph) on the summit. In the sheltered trees below Hermit Lake, new snow had accumulated to a depth of 6 inches at a rate of S1 (1cm/hr) with moments of S2 (2cm/hr). Although above the cover of trees, in Tuckerman’s Ravine, the east winds have scoured slopes leaving behind an old refrozen icy surface. New snow was being blown around and settling on western aspects, gullies, and depressions in soft drifts up to knee deep. The newly formed slabs of wind drifted snow were isolated to small pockets, fist hard, and well bonded to the old surface. The temperatures rose during the noon hour to 29F degrees and dropped to 24F degrees by 2PM. The skiers in the ravine were cautious and concentrated in Left Gully and the lower slopes of Hillman’s, most reporting icy conditions. Right Gully was actively being cross-loaded by the east winds and developing the thickest slabs of wind drifted snow. Unfortunately the best skiing was in the trees where a thin snowpack has exposed many hazardous objects which are barely covered by new snow.