Huntington Ravine

April 2, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Name: Jeremy Broughton
Location: The Fan

The snowpack was very firmly refrozen. An inch or two of new snow was present in areas, with some deeper spots in depressions. Some clouds and snow from upsloping and flurries to the north of the range was making its way up and over into the ravines creating the snowglobe effect at times, with little to no accumulation. When the sun was out the solar gain was sufficient for some surface softening despite the cold temp. Verglass and dinnerplates from the rain yesterday and some larger chunks would clatter down the rocks also when the sun hit the butresses. Stay close to the boulders and use them for cover. The ice on the lower pitches of the gullies is still pretty fat and solid, and most still appear snow filled to the rim, but the top out of damnation and odells looks bare.