Trace in Tuckerman’s

April 1, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Name: Ryan Lewthwaite| MWAC
Location: Trace in Tuckerman’s

Tuckerman’s Ravine has gained a trace of new snow, so far today. The temperature was 33F degrees at Hermit Lake and only slightly cooler in the terrain above. Overcast skies and northwest winds were light gusting to moderate. 104cm/41inches of snowpack remain at our sheltered snow plot. The recent warmth, sunshine, and rain has melted a sizable portion of the snowpack exposing rocks and vegetation in previously skiable terrain. This mornings cold front has taken temperatures back below freezing creating a firm refrozen surface at middle and upper elevations. A trace amount of new snow has collected in leeward slopes and terrain features lower on the fetch. The deepest wind drifted slab I found was of 4Finger hardness, 4 inches thick, and well-bonded to the surface crust. There is an obvious contrast between the new and old snow making it simple to find drifted snow in the steeper terrain. In many exposed areas of the ravine there is a 2 inch unsupportable crust with clusters of melt-freeze grains over a foot below, making for punchy post-holing conditions. The lack of snowpack in the lower elevations has made travel up the Tuckerman’s Trail a 3/4 mile walk until you reach a continuous patch of skin-able snow.