Injured Climber – Post Hole Hyper Extension

The victim and his partner had completed an ice climb of Pinnacle gully and were descending the southern rim of Huntington Ravine, looking for the Escape Hatch. They missed the Escape Hatch and proceeded beyond Frog Rock before bushwhacking down an old slide path. About half way down the victim post-holed and injured his leg. His partner continued bushwhacking down to the Huntington Ravine trail and reported the accident to the Harvard Mountaineering Club Caretaker. The Caretaker notified the Forest Service Snow Rangers. With the assistance from multiple climbers and local guides he was belayed down in a litter. Snow Rangers met up with this adhoc rescue team as they reached non-technical terrain and assisted with the carry out to the trail. He was then placed in a sled behind a snow machine and transported to Pinkham to a waiting ambulance. The victim suffered a tib/fib fracture. This rescue took 24 people around 2.5 hours to complete.