About the Forecast

About the Forecast

The Mount Washington Avalanche Center (MWAC) produces daily avalanche forecasts for a forecast area of approximately 106 square miles (67,840 Acres) and is comprised of regions on the White Mountain National Forest and NH State Parks.

Field-based avalanche forecasters, analyze snow observations from across the area combined with weather forecast guidance to create a forecast. Daily avalanche forecasts are issued every day at 7 am.

Avalanche and snowpack information comes in from MWAC forecasters, public observations, avalanche professionals, AMC Caretakers, Harvard Cabin Caretakers and Randolph Mountain Club Caretakers on a daily basis.

Elevation Band Descriptions

This elevation graphically indicates where avalanches problems exist to the greatest extent in the terrain. Forecasters use these elevation bands to help identify where in the terrain avalanche problems are concentrated. Note that these problems likely exist elsewhere in the terrain, but to a lesser extent.