Heavy Snowcat Traffic this Week

This is a disclaimer to everyone who plans on hiking the Tuckerman Ravine Trail or skiing the Sherburne this week.  Both trails will see heavy use by the snowcat over the next few days.  As the snow depth for the year is so low, we think this may be the one week this winter where we can run the machine and resupply the Hermit Lake area with crucial items.  The planned route of travel is to use the bottom half of the Tuckerman Ravine Trail and to then cross over to the Sherburne at #5, roughly the halfway point.  With so much ice and exposed rocks present, the machine’s maneuverability is not what it is on a midwinter snowpack.  Please help us by having your group step off on the same side of the trail and making eye contact with the operator before trying to pass.  We apologize for chewing up the ski trail and appreciate your patience as we hustle to make do with an unusual winter.