Photo Condition Update

Huntington Ravine

December 13, 2016


Looking up into the fan of Huntington. You may even be able to see climbers topping out Cloudwalkers.



Notice the enlarged snowfield below the ice in Odell. Still a bit bony in the upper reaches.



South Gully is almost snow from top to bottom. Still pretty thick down low.


Tuckerman Ravine

December 13, 2016


Still very early season in Lobster Claw.



The Bowl. Things to notice besides my thumb: The crown in the bottom left of the photo continues over to lookers left under the Chute and is rapidly filling in. Also, while the center Headwall looks blurry, it is from the blowing snow pouring down over the ice.



Left Gully and the Chute looking much larger than last year in mid-December.



Hiring Update

USAJOBS is now accepting applications for the Lead Snow Ranger. This position would be year-round and act as the director of MWAC

This job includes, but is not limited to: avalanche forecasting, conducting search and rescue operations, promoting the district’s dispersed recreation program.

Applicants must have avalanche field experience demonstrating the knowledge to thoroughly comprehend, analyze, and apply factors affecting snow stability and avalanche potential to reduce public risk and increase employee safety.

For additional information about the duties of this position, please contact Justin Preisendorfer at 603-466-2713 ext. 1224 or at

Applications will be accepted until midnight on Tuesday.

Volunteers and Partners Make all the Difference

Thanks to a great day of effort from all these volunteers! We had a great day of work trimming the Sherburne in hopes of an epic winter.

June 25 work day

Photo: Tyler Ray

Tuckerman Photos – May 27, 2016


What's left of the Headwall is pretty badly undermined


Left Gully has pretty much fallen apart. The Chute isn't doing much better.


Almost looks like summer in here


Looking down the short snowfield above the Lip


The Headwall area

Tuckerman Photos – Friday May 20, 2016

Search for missing person

The NH Fish and Game is searching for a 47 year old French speaking, white male who was last seen at Pinkham Notch mid-day Monday. The 5’8″, 300 lb man appears to have gone for hike in the area. The man was last seen in jeans and sandals in Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. If you have any information or have seen this man in your travels around Pinkham Notch, please notify State Police or dial 911.

Tuckerman Photos – April 16, 2016

Weekend Update – Friday April 15, 2016

Un-spring like conditions, April 10, 2016

20160410 Hillmans and Dodges

Dodge’s Drop and Hillman’s Highway. Tracks still visible in both from descents yesterday.

20160410_Center Bowl thru Left

Old surface visible as gray surface.

20160410_Lip and Sluice

Two sets of tracks through the Lip made yesterday are fully covered along with the waterfall hole in the Open Book area. Upper Sluice looks pretty full of new smooth and likely slabby snow.


Temperature at Hermit Lake is in the mid-teens F at 9am.