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Broken Ankle

The victim was walking off the porch of the Hermit Lake Shelter on the evening of 3-26-2004 when he rolled his ankle as he stepped on ice. The next morning his ankle was very swollen and his friends reported this to the AMC Caretaker who then contacted a USFS Snow Ranger. The Snow Ranger assessed […]

Lost Climbers

The following is from a press release issued by our office on 3-21-2004: Two climbers who lost their way in white-out conditions above treeline on Mount Washington Saturday were found unharmed Sunday morning as they were descending the Lion Head Trail on the east side of the mountain. KC, 40, of Ottawa, Ontario, and CW, […]

Climbing Fall

The victim was climbing in O’dells Gully with two others. When on the last pitch of ice his crampon popped off his right foot which caused him to take an approximately 20 foot lead fall suffering a right ankle injury. The party self-rescued using a litter from the Dow Cache once they rappelled/lowered to the […]

Injured Climber

The victim was leading a climb in O’dells Gully when he took a 10′ fall on the third pitch of ice. He landed on a sloping ice shelf and fell backwards suffering an injury to his lower left leg. He was lowered down the ice by his climbing partners and then by USFS Snow Rangers. […]

Crampon Injury

The victim was descending from the summit at approximately 3:15pm when he tripped after catching a crampon, injuring his right leg. He was assisted by his guide until a litter arrived. He was lowered down the Lion Head trail by the guide, the HMC and AMC caretakers, a USFS Snow Ranger and volunteers. He was […]

Long Sliding Fall

After receiving a report of an overdue hiker and finding the hiker’s car at the Pinkham parking lot, Forest Service Snow Rangers initiated a search with the help of NH Fish and Game, AMC, MRS and AVSAR. After searching numerous areas, the individual was located on the floor of Huntington Ravine. The hiker ascended the […]

Hiker – Shortness of Breath

Forest Service Snow Rangers were contacted to assist a hiker who was experiencing shortness of breath, cramping in his legs and heart palpatations. Snow Rangers met him and his party on the trail and transported him via snowcat to an ambulance waiting at Pinkham Notch. This rescue took 2 people 3 hours.

Snowboard Injury

The victim was hiking out of the Tuckerman Bowl at approximately 2:15pm carrying his snowboard. About half way down the trail to Hermit Lake he slipped on some ice, tumbled two or three times and fell along his snowboard. The edge of the board cut through his clothing and put an eight inch long laceration […]

Sledding Injury Tuckerman Ravine

The victim was sledding on an inner-tube on the floor of the ravine. He was travelling at a high rate of speed when his tube turned him around backwards and he slammed into a chunk of ice at a high rate of speed. The impact with the ice sent him flying and he landed facedown, […]

Hiking Crampon Injury

The victim was hiking up the Right Gully wearing crampons (and had no ice axe) when he fell. He caught his crampon in the fall twisting his ankle. He was lowered down the slope on a 300′ static rope by the MWVSP and a USFS Snow Ranger and put in a litter on the floor […]

Skier Fall in Chute

The victim was skiing the Chute when he fell approximately 200′ and suffered a knee injury. He was attended to by an EMT in the ravine and assisted to Hermit Lake. His knee was re-splinted by a USFS Snow Ranger allowing him to self evacuate to Pinkham.

Skier fall in Chute

The victim was skiing the Chute in the late afternoon when he fell, tumbling about 400′. He suffered multiple bruises and abrasions to his face and arms. He was assisted by his friends to Hermit Lake where he was attended to by the Caretaker. The victim was assisted out to Pinkham by his two friends.

Abdominal Pain

The patient had hiked to the Ravine with his family to ski. During the course of the day he started having significant abdominal pain. The patient was put in a litter and carried out to Pinkham where he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. This rescue took apprximately 15 people 2.5 hours to complete.

Injured Skier

The victim was skiing when she hit a “chunk of avalanche debris” on the floor of the ravine and tumbled. She was assisted by another person in the ravine who called for help. Her chief complaints were lower back, neck and shoulder pain so she was immobilized on a backboard, transferred to a litter and […]

Skier Injury – Sherburne

The victim was skiing the Sherburne Ski Trail when he fell and suffered a possible dislocated shoulder. He was attended to by his group and self evacuated to Pinkham then to Androscoggin Valley Hospital.