Entries by Jeffrey Fongemie

Dislocated open thumb fracture

The victim was hiking down to hermit Lake from the ravine when he fell. He suffered a dislocated open thumb fracture. A member of the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol met him on the trail and rendered assistance, taping his thumb. The victim then walked down to Pinkham and transported himself to Androscoggin Valley Hospital.

Skier Triggered Avalanches – Hillmans & Center Headwall

At around 1pm, three skiers were approximately 20′, 40′ and 90′ respectively away from the ridgeline on the climbers right of Hillmans Highway when a slab avalanche began just below the ridgeline. The avalanche swept the lower two skiers down Hillmans Highway approximately 800′. Witnesses reported VH was buried near the surface of the debris […]

Twisted Ankle

The victim was descending the Lion Head trail (near the top of Right Gully) when she twisted her ankle. She was assisted down the Lion Head Winter trail by her companions and was met by a USFS Snow Ranger and a member of the Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol at the junction of the Lion […]

Injured Hiker – Lion Head

The victim was descending the Winter Lion Head trail when he slipped and fell approximately 20-25 feet. He banged his shoulder into a protruding tree branch. A 911 call was received at the Snow Rangers Quarters at the same time a witness stopped at the AMC caretaker cabin to report the accident. USFS Snow Rangers, […]

Climbing Fall – Huntington Ravine

A climber fell at the top of the 2nd bulge in Damnation Gully, Huntington Ravine. Upon placing both tools in hard snow and weighting them, both axes pulled out. The climber fell about 30 feet, half way through the fall the climber hit a ledge landing directly on his foot and rolling his ankle, suffering […]


The victim was being sledded, in a litter, down the Tuckerman Ravine trail by two people when they were met by the Hermit Lake Caretaker. He and his friends apparently had been climbing in the ravine when an avalanche swept them down. The avalanche danger rating for this day was Considerable. The victim suffered a […]

Sliding Fall – Left Gully

The victim and a friend had just started up Left Gully to snowboard when they decided to turn around due to the hard frozen snow surface making climbing difficult. As they were descending, both fell, with the victim hitting a large rock with his leg. His friend notified the AMC caretaker. The USFS snow ranger, […]

Crampon – Twisted Ankle

The victim was descending on the Lion Head Winter Route when he caught a crampon on a tree and twisted his ankle. His companions helped him to the Hermit Lake Shelters where he was then transported to Pinkham in the USFS Snowcat. The rescue took 3 people about 2 hours to perform.

Snowshoe fall Tuckerman Ravine Crevasse

On 5-13-01 VM was descending the Tuckerman Ravine trail, above Tuckerman Ravine, on snowshoes. She lost her footing just above the Lip and tumbled into the Ravine, falling into a crevasse. VM was upright in the crevasse about 30′ below the surface. She was able to reach down and remove her snowshoes. Snow Rangers and […]