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Sherburne Ski Trail Closure

The lower two thirds of the Sherburne ski trail is mostly rocks and mud and is now CLOSED below the yellow rope, currently located across the trail at crossover #7. Please cross over to the Tuckerman Ravine trail at the yellow rope and walk down the hiking trail. 

Near Misses in the Gulf of Slides

On a tour to the Gulf of Slides via the Graham Trail, two snow rangers observed the aftermath of a D2-sized avalanche in Main Gully. While discussing the nature of the avalanche and observing the rapid and intense snow loading from northwest winds, a second D2-sized avalanche occurred in Main Gully. Debris from these two avalanches was 8-12 feet deep. No one was caught or injured in either of these avalanches, however, six people in three unique teams of two had been traveling at the bottom of Main Gully within 20-30 minutes of both avalanches.

Early Season Information

So far, winter in the White Mountains has struggled to take hold. Just over 12 inches of snow (2.64” SWE) has fallen at upper elevations this month, but warm, above freezing days continue to melt back any accumulations of snow. Don’t put those mountain bikes away yet. Looking ahead, the weather pattern suggests cooler temperatures which may be more productive for building early season ice and snowpack development.

About the move to General Avalanche Information

The Mount Washington Avalanche Center will no longer issue daily avalanche forecasts for the 2020/21 season. Instead, we will post an updated General Avalanche Information statement as needed, if significant snow or weather events that might vary from the typical daily changes that come with spring weather. We will also keep you informed about the official closure […]