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Long sliding falls

Two people, from both ends of the spectrum of experience, in two separate locations sustained life threatening injuries due to long sliding falls late yesterday afternoon. Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol, Mountain Rescue Service, NH Fish and Game, NH State Parks and AMC and HMC Caretakers all contributed to a complex rescue effort. Many thanks […]

2016: The Winter that Never Arrived

Helon and I hiked into Tuckerman Ravine this morning to survey the damage to the snowpack wrought by over an inch and a quarter of rain and two and a half days of summit temperatures near 40F. First and foremost we wanted to see how the snowpack dealt with the all the liquid. Several pits up to […]

Fall in Huntington Ravine – February 7, 2016

At approximately 12:10pm on Sunday, February 7, one member of a climbing party of three slipped while approaching a technical snow and ice climb in Huntington Ravine. The climber rapidly gained speed on the 35-40 degree snow slope beneath Central Gully and tumbled into the rocks below, sustaining non-life threatening injuries.  Two nearby parties of […]

January 17, 2016, Human-triggered avalanche incidents

Synopsis: On Sunday, January 17, a wind slab avalanche cycle on the east side of Mount Washington occurred following a period of moderate snowfall and wind. Two human-triggered avalanches occurred, one of which was widely publicized on social media and in the news. A number of factors led to the incidents which are worth looking […]

Tonight – Reel Rock 10 – Mountain Rescue Service fundraiser

Mountain Rescue Service is one of the critical volunteer organizations on whom Mount Washington Avalanche Center and the local community relies on for technical and extreme weather SAR missions. Like most rescue organizations nationwide, unpaid MRS members rely on donations for equipment, medical training expenses, etc. If you are a climber, or even if you aren’t, and you’re […]

Switching gears

Returning to the bowl today after the annual closure of the Lip began was another journey through the calculations of risk tolerance. As you may know, we have a pretty unique situation in Tuckerman Ravine where heavy skier traffic intersects with pretty intense though smaller scale mountain hazards. The high volume of visitors in terrain that is […]