Entries by Chris Wu

Sherburne Trail Closed

The Sherburne Ski Trail is mostly rocks, mud, and bare ground, and is now CLOSED below Hermit Lake.  This annual trail closure is meant to reduce erosion and aid in the retention of topsoil and vegetation on the trail. Without grass and perennial plants, more and more rocks will emerge from the snow earlier in […]

Long Sliding Falls – Weekend Incidents

The current snowpack at mid and upper elevations in the Presidential Range presents widespread hazards of long sliding falls. These hazards are a result of warm weather and rain followed by a refreeze. Looking at the MWOBS F6 for March reveals nearly a week (03/21 to 03/26) of average daily temperatures that were 15-20F above […]

Sliding Fall – Right Gully

On the morning of Tuesday, March 23, an individual was descending Right Gully in Tuckerman Ravine. The man, 70 years old and traveling alone, was equipped with extra layers, crampons, and an ice axe. He described following the obvious deep footsteps in the snow that had been well-established by skier traffic. While descending, he lost […]

Dislocated Shoulder on Sherburne

On January 25, a group of skiers was descending the John Sherburne Ski Trail. Around 2:40 pm, just above crossover #7, one skier lost control due to a waterbar and dislocated their left shoulder during the fall.

Long Sliding Fall – Tuckerman Ravine Trail

On the morning of Saturday, January 9, 2021, two 20 year old males were ascending the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. Around 11 am, witnesses noted these two individuals on foot, falling near the rollover at the top of the ravine. Both individuals fell around 500 vertical feet, impacting exposed boulders and ice along the way. One came to a stop on a ledge above the final ice cliff while the other fell past this point and was described as being airborne until he landed on his upper back in the snow below the ice cliff.