Tucks & Snowfields conditions

May 11, 2022 at 10:00 AM
Name: Jonathan S Shefftz| NE Rando Race Series
Location: Tux & Summit Snowfields

Tracklog here:
… but tour was cut short for reasons unrelated to snow conditions.

As for the snow conditions:

– Right Gully made for a relatively easy exit from the Bowl with only several minor awkward maneuvers at the snowless top, and easy skinning from there to the East Snowfield. Getting back down into the Bowl via Right Gully would have been far more awkward. Lap potential looked pretty good, although will become increasingly truncated with the heat wave, and the top is somewhat moguled.

– NE Snowfield, alas I did not make it that far before receiving the family recall order, but based on various indirect indication, must be in great shape.

– East Snowfield, traversing back across I encountered some impressively bottomless mank. Didn’t matter much since I was mainly traversing, with only a few turns. But interesting that the nice powder I encountered there on April 23, unaffected by the wind that had hammered the NE Snowfield, apparently never became densified, and instead seems to have gone straight from very good winter snow to very bad spring much.

– SE Snowfield, the connection from the East Snowfield via a low traverse required a short portage, which will some become more medium-length. I’m not sure if a high traverse is any better.

– Tucks Upper Headwall made for a very fun high swooping traverse to enter Chute.

– Chute skier left entry was great. The gut of Chute had developed one deep runnel, but only one. However, that might have changed by only several hours later, given the massive skier/rider traffic that was still ascending into the Bowl. (Deck of HoJo’s was packed!)

– Left Gully looked great. Ditto for Hillman’s, although I didn’t get a clear view of the lower elevations, but whatever rocks/holes to be navigated there would probably be preferable to the steep downhike from the base of the Bowl to HoJo’s. Plus looked like you could ski about half the way from the top of Left Gully to the top of Hillman’s.

– Although the Sherb was entirely closed, the TRT downhike from HoJo’s benefited from lots of snow up high, so I was able to run most of the way.