Avalanche in The Lip

April 18, 2022 at 2:00 PM
Name: Jared Miller
Location: The Lip

Shortly after 2 PM our party of 3 skied from near the summit, through the NE snowfield, eventually traversing back to the entrance of The Lip. As we were stopped above the choke we discussed the fact that the snow we were encountering was similar to the problem discussed in the avalanche report from the morning. We noted the snow was boot top in depth and was more saturated than what we had skied or hiked to that point. At the same time, we observed what appeared to be a wind slab above the cliff that comprises the skier’s left part of the choke near the top of The Lip. We decided we could avoid it, and we descended one at a time hugging skier’s right side of the choke. I skied first and stopped just below Lunch Rocks on skier’s right. My wife descended next without incident. My friend descended last and as he passed through the choke the slough from his turns caught and ripped out the slab above the cliff. The slab slid over the cliff and entrained more snow below as it picked up speed. My wife and I skied towards the center of the bowl and a group that was on Lunch rocks scattered. The debris piled up to skier’s right of Lunch Rocks where my wife and I had been standing. My friend was not caught and everyone that had been on Lunch Rocks got out of the way. A crown roughly 8-10″ deep was visible above the cliff where the slab released.