Avalanche on Sluice

April 11, 2022 at 12:00 PM
Name: Jeffrey Luby
Location: Sluice observed from Left Gully

While ascending Left Gully at approximately 12:00, looking back witnessed an avalanche on the lower part of sluice. There were no skiers or hikers in the area at the time of the avalanche, although several had skied the lower section earlier the day as can be seen by the tracks. I yelled avalanche to alert others. The debris field slid along the sluice side of lunch rocks. Closer investigation it could be seen that a piece of ice fell from a buttress above, tumbled down the hill and then trigger the avalanche about 2/3 the way up sluice. The crown line can be seen in the photos, although may be hard to discern so I included a zoo. I attempted to darken the photo to make it easier to see. I’ve included a few perspectives to be able to estimate the size of the crown.