Monroe, warming

April 11, 2022 at 1:00 PM
Name: Chris Marks
Location: Monroe, Oakes Gulf

(New-ish to offering observations, so hope this is helpful despite limited knowledge/vocabulary).

Ascended to summit of Monroe from ART. @ 1230, Eastern Snowfields had limited new snow depth and was wind-scoured, rather than loaded. Skied nicely, still rather cold, dry snow. Traversed /skinned to top of Main Gully in Oakes and dug a pit in what seemed like a representative aspect and angle of what we’d find in Main Gully. Pit showed a 45 cm wind slab on top of old, frozen bed surface. Very uniform hardness throughout the slab, with a much less hard, weak layer immediately on top of bed surface. Slab was completely un-reactive to all manners of pressure applied. Main Gully skied nicely, an increasingly wet, uniformly deep new snow. On the skin ascent up Robinson’s Neighborhood at roughly 1315 (chosen for lower angle), multiple and large roller ball activity observed to looker’s right, suggesting a quickly warming snowpack. Opted out of a second run in Oakes for concern over wet slabs and went to look at Monroe Brook for the descent back to Marshfield Station. Very low snow depth, exposed vegetation, and visible open water from above made Monroe Brook a no-go.

Had a sporty and complete-to-the-parking-lot ski down ART. Lower portion below the pool/falls melting out quickly.