Wind Slabs in Hillman’s, Dodge’s Apron

April 10, 2022 at 12:00 PM
Name: Connor Jennings
Location: Confluence of Dodge’s Drop & Hillman’s Highway, approximately 4272ft

Group of four ascended Hillman’s around 1000hrs, assessing stability via hand shear tests on lookers right of the slope. Wind skins and slightly deeper slabs were revealed by continued tests as we climbed, with some wet ice surface showing on the lower portion of the slope. Ascending to a max elevation of 4608ft, we encountered a very reactive wind slab, breaking cleanly ~8-12in via hand shear tests with minimal input required. We down climbed away from this, tucked into the lookers right corner at approximately 4592ft and descended one by one to the rock choke at the base of the run. We then climbed Dodge’s Drop to just shy of the rock band near the Boott Spur ridge, topping out at 4783ft, finding similarly reactive snow on the way down before making our way out down the Sherburne. Visibility was limited at times on both of these runs, with snow blowing upslope, and continuing until we reached Pinkham Notch.