Hillman’s and Dodge’s

April 10, 2022 at 10:00 AM
Name: Aaron Hubbell| Apocalypse Dudes
Location: Boott Spur

Our party of 4 departed PNVC at 0900, reached the bottom of Hillman’s at 1015. Aware of the forecast wind slab problem, we ascended Hillman’s cautiously, digging hand pits every 50m or so. We found 4F to 1F slabs, but thin (less than 15cm), not propagating, with poor shear quality, and breaking into chunks. As we neared the split about 3/4 of the way up, at approximately 4600ft, the nature of the slabs changed dramatically. We found a very reactive wind slab on climbers right that was 20-30cm thick, shearing cleanly, and very easily. We downclimbed 10-20m to a safe transition point below the reactive slab, and had fun skiing.

We then ascended Dodge’s to 50m or so below the choke (approx 4900ft), staying in the bushes. Hand shears on the way up revealed slabs similar to those lower on Hillman’s. We descended skiers right in the shrubs, kicked loose some small thin and disconnected slabs, and had type 2 fun skiing to the apron with Hillman’s.