Water Runnels

March 31, 2022 at 2:00 PM
Name: Kate Moynihan| MWAC
Location: Lunch Rocks

At 1:30pm today it was 50 degrees at Lunch Rocks and was predominantly sunny with scattered clouds and mild winds. There were obvious runnels in the snow on steep terrain from the warm temperatures, specifically on the Headwall below the ice, the Lip and Sluice (see picture).

On the other side of the bowl in Left Gully, there was an obvious wind slab on skiers left that had formed from the winds on Tuesday (see picture). Skiers in Left Gully reported that the wind slab had warm wet snow on top, approximately 5cm deep, with cold solid snow beneath. In their hand sheer tests, the wind slab was very reactive on a weak layer of graupel that was below the cold solid snow of the slab. This graupel was probably deposited on Sunday (03/27/2022). The skiers opted to avoid the wind slab and skied the old bed surface, which they reported had warmed up enough to make descent turns.

When I was leaving Lunch Rocks, the temperature were still near 50 degrees, the wind had picked up, gusting over 40mph, and by 2:00 it had started to lightly rain.