Firm conditions in Left Gully

January 21, 2022 at 12:00 PM
Name: Ben Thorne
Location: Left Gully, Tuckerman Ravine

Climbed and skied left gully in Tuckerman Ravine. Low winds, clear skies and no blowing snow when we were on-site. The lower half of the gully, below the pinch point, skis okay. Conditions are firm (1 finger hardness in most places) with areas of wind-scalloped, chalky snow.

The upper half of the gully is very firm verging on icy with pencil hardness almost everywhere. Boot penetration is minimal and crampons are highly recommended. At the very top of the Gully (skier’s right) there are shallow (6 inch deep) windblown slabs (4 finger hardness) that didn’t show any obvious signs of instability but are highly layered. Ski conditions are tricky and unpleasant in the top half of the gully and there is definitely a sliding fall hazard.

The snow in the ravine floor feels hollow and makes drumlike sounds when you walk on it but the snow in the gully felt dense and better supported.