Wind Slab deposits whoomphing on the (mostly scoured) Cog

January 18, 2022 at 11:00 AM
Name: Matty G
Location: Cog @ 4000′

Observed areas of firm, often drummy, wind-deposited snow on the Cog on west facing slopes. The “slabs” ranged in thickness from 0.5cm-15cm and ranged in hardness from 4 finger to pencil. I experienced whoomphing on these deposits around 4000′ and 4500′. Older snow buried below the wind slab was unsupportive and sugary. Generally all terrain that was not semi-protected / in the lee of obstacles like trees showed minimal signs of snow deposits. Rock skis suggested to corroborate observations. Winds seemed to pick up over the period of 10am-11am, and increased significantly above 4000′.