Tuckerman Ravine

January 12, 2022 at 2:00 PM
Name: Nathan Delmar| MWAC
Location: Ravine Floor

At 14:00 winds in Tuckerman Ravine were moderate and coming up the bowl from the East. Outside of the bowl, these winds were out of the West. The temperature was 16.2 F. Visibility was poor at 1/16 of a mile or less. Rain fell throughout the day on January 9th. This rain created a 1mm unsupportable rain crust. That evening following the rain the summit recorded 2 inches of new snow. Evidence of new snow and snow transport from the storm was apparent throughout Tuckerman Ravine. On the 10th this snow was very dry and low density. Today, that same snow is starting to form a crust and easily clumped together when held.

The upper half of the Open Book remains uncovered with snow. The stream in Chicken Rock Gully was no longer exposed.