Avalanche near Lion Head Trail

December 30, 2021 at 12:00 PM
Name: Nathan Delmar| MWAC
Location: Lion Head Trail

At noon today, I observed a small avalanche crown on the South East aspect at roughly 5400 ft. The avalanche occurred some 200 yards shy of Spit Rock and was easily visible from the Summer Trail. Closer examination showed two distinct crown lines. The second was significantly smaller than the first. The avalanche was small in nature and likely occurred sometime yesterday during the period of moderate winds and snow transport.
The actual size of the slab is hard to determine as the area where the avalanche occurred was reloaded with snow. I estimate that slab was likely 2-3 feet thick and 40-50 feet across (SS-U-D1-R2).

Although small, the slab would have easily swept a skier or climber off of their feet and into, or over, the two bands of rock that lie directly below the spot of the crowns.