Left Gully

December 26, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Name: Spencer Ralston
Location: Left gully

Looking at the previous avalanche report I had little hopes of going past the lunch rocks today. We had the pleasure of walking up with two snow rangers who talked to a group who had skiied left gully early. As our group walked under the chute heading towards left gully we found stable snow. No signs of cracks, no whooping. All signs pointed to a stable hike up. We enter into left gully on lookers left and continued our hike up. At the base of the gully it was 5-6 inches of snow ontop of pencil hard ice crust. We carefully worked our way up, stopping to observe the snow pack and test out if anything was moving or reacting to our movements. As we continued up on lookers left we found the snow on top of the ice crust was getting thinner and thinner. We observed in some spots 1/2 inch of snow of the crust and in more wind loaded areas 5-6 inches. Right before the choke area of the gully we found more areas of 1/2 inch snow on top of the ice crust. Our group decided not to press our luck this early In the season and head down.