Chute, SE 18” point release

December 4, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Name: N/A
Location: Chute, above the choke, lookers right shoulder

Route: chute

On way up, numerous hand shears of different depths showed a forming 5-6” wind layer over a hard rain/refreeze crust on top of a light 2” layer followed by a second rain crust. Under the second crust was a stubborn slab around 16-18” which seemed less reactive but more bonded than top 5-6” layer.

Upon the decent a small point release 3-4” was released and ran a short distance without propagating or stepping down. This occurred just below the large boulder still visible just below the ridge.

Further down, a second deeper point release slab separated at the ESE/SE convex shoulder above the choke on lookers right of chute. This slab we estimated 16-18” and tapered off to both sides. It did not propagate or run its course. We arrested and broke up the slab. The predicted 4 o’clock snow and winds were moving in quick and viz started to go as light diminished. Snapped a quick picture and got out. Didn’t stick around for any further analysis.

The backed out picture has the red X’s noting where the 2 slabs released. Larger below, smaller above.