Skier Triggered Point Release in Chute 12/4/21

December 4, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Name: Shawn
Location: Chute

My partner and I were in the bowl on Saturday, we skied the chute. While conducting Hand Sheers on our accent we observed somewhat resistant, planar Q2 sheers. This upper wind slab was failing with noticeably less energy required than a week prior in the bowl. The wind slab last week was denser wind board. This week we were getting deeper boot penetration, around the ankle slightly deeper in other places. We triggered a small point release each on our decent, they both occurred above the dogleg. One occurred going through the upper most choke and the second on was on the small ridge above the dogleg. Little to no wind that day. During our debrief we both like we got away with one. With how much less effort that wind slab was popping during hand sheers, we should have taken that as enough evidence to bail.