Hermit Lake Obs

November 23, 2021 at 4:00 PM
Name: Patrick Scanlan| MWAC
Location: Hermit Lake

Tuckerman Ravine embraced winter today with steady upslope snow showers, blowing snow, temps in the teens, and some skier traffic in very isolated pockets of steeper snow. Our avalanche and ski terrain still overwhelmingly consists of rock and ice with the exception of sheltered pockets that have collected wind-deposited snow as the latest low-pressure storm systems have moved through the zone. Notably, these include Left Gully and Chute. A few skiers dabbling in this terrain today and over the weekend had a 6-mile walk with skis on the pack since the TRT and Sherburne conditions are still incredibly thin. The top of the Sherburne is “skiable” until just above the #5 crossover. Below this is still exposed ground, rock, and water ice.

Today and tomorrow will be great for ice formation and, with the exception of Thursday, it looks like we are finally on a freezing trend in the higher elevations.

Remember: Risk = Hazard + Vulnerability + Exposure. At this point in the season MWAC is not regularly forecasting for hazards, these must be determined on my own. I generally have the ability to choose and manage my exposure. However, my vulnerability is inherently greater with a shallow snowpack with many exposed rocks, trees, and ice in any given runout zone. Just some food for thought as the psych levels are high moving into this season. Along those lines, I am psyched to see you out there this winter! -Pat