BIG BURLY Wet Loose Avalanches

May 15, 2021 at 12:00 PM
Name: Mark P Renson| Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol
Location: Chute, Center Bowl

I was booting up to Left Gully through the brush below Chute when I saw some wet loose avalanche activity heading towards me. I suspect it was skier triggered. It kept entraining snow and I had to scramble a bit to the climber’s left. When all was settled I snapped a pic with the ice axe plunged in order to provide scale and the pic still does not capture the size. Debris pile was certainly big enough to bury a person. I snapped another picture showing debris piled up against terrain traps – boulders and brush – which was deep enough to bury a person. Makes ya’ think, huh? Don’t take wet loose avalanches lightly. This snow was glop and getting caught in it could create big issues. Yes, I was wearing an avalanche beacon.