Mt. Willey Obs

March 20, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Name: Nick Aiello-Popeo| Synnott Mountain Guides
Location: Little Willey’s Slide

Our avalanche course visited Little Willey’s Slide at 2,000′ in Crawford Notch today. The snowpack depth varied from one foot in the woods to 4 feet in some parts of the slide path. We decided to investigate the 2+mm basal facets while practicing snow pit observations. Despite the weak (4F) facets under 1F to P slabs, we received column test results of CTN and ECTX.

Informal destructive testing did reveal resistant planar fractures down 40cm (2mm FC), as well as progressive compression of the basal facets. The snow was dry and cold below 15cm depth. The ski down was predictably brushy.