Huntington Ravine 20210318

March 18, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Name: Matt Shove| Ragged Mountain Guides
Location: Huntington Ravine: Damnation Gully/Butt and Right Gully in Tuckerman

March 18, 2021. Damnation gully and Buttress. The snow was firm, travel easy on a refrozen crust. We experienced decreasing winds out of the W shifting NW Relatively sustained 30mph winds delivered much refreshing spindrift. New snow was moist, as it was drizzling in the parking lot but quickly changed to frozen precip around 3000′. There is lots of firm snow n the buttress including heavily rimed rock which made for fun and exciting climbing.

Our descent took us down a very steep Right Gully. Some fresh windblown snow was noted however I could not get any hand shears to deliver results anywhere in the gully. 4F hardness up to 10cm deep in places, but not consistent in coverage. There did not appear to much of a slab when we travelled trough this zone.

Overall, there was not much snow on the alpine garden for transport. Wednesday’s sun crust was mostly easy to punch through on foot in places. Crampons required for foot travel just about everywhere above the tree line.