WS-N-D1 in North Ammo Ravine, aka Little Ammo

March 12, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Name: Jon Hall| retired
Location: 3900′ base of North Ammonoosuc Ravine aka Little Ammo

one or two days prior to my Friday observation, wet slab released off a rock ledge, SW aspect, 3900′ el, 44.270576, 71.322164, half-meter crown line, about 10 meters across, at base of last waterfall in North Ammonoosuc Ravine (aka Little Ammo), debris ran into a clumb of birches about 50 vert ft below ledge, maybe 6 ft deep. not somewhere I would have toured on 3/10, when MWAC forevast nailed it, avy rose included the Westside, refrozen red-flag sun-wheels were still evident. Ski out was delightful re-melted suncrust, on Friday, with collapsing snowbridges and isothermic snow were primart hazards, below 4000′