Temporary Spring Conditions @ The Rockpile

March 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM
Name: Mark Toronto Sr| Ski Mountaineer & Instructor
Location: TRT, JS & Lower Boot Spur

Good Coverage on the TRT & JS. The Ski Trail was more fun than usual…
1)Very warm at the base probably approaching the 60s…Hermit Lake would guess at low 40s.
2) Green Carpeting/Pine Needles on the Snows surface in many places esp the Woods…some downed trees and branches as well.
Due to previous 140 mph wind event
3)Observed a 3/8′ plus Sun/Surface Crust with high moisture content Snow below to Bed. The Snow has recently been in transition.
Due to the warming temps and solar gain over the past few days MW hit its highest temps since Winters start.
*******Long Sliding Fall Danger*********
on All Aspects once the temps hit freezing or below.
Were in what I call a Spring Rut.
4)All of Boot Spur is in need of Snow, especially Dodges and Hillmans..
We had much more Snow last March…This one is trending as a Lean year
The JS is Snow covered top to bottom and Skiing well..
5)Gut Feeling Obs.- New Snow will not bond well.. Concerned about bonding issues of any New Snowfall on the frozen “Spring-crust”
My opinion is we will be set up for very dangerous Avi conditions, due to this surface in The Alpine