Mount Webster Avalanches

March 10, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Name: Melissa Nadeau
Location: Slabs and gully on the leftside of Webster

I’m unfamiliar with all of the technical terms but this was by far the largest and most avalanches I have ever seen in this region. I was leary setting out due to the warm conditions but decided to assess as I went. I witnessed at least 3 avalanches between 4 and 5pm. There was at least 4 previous avalanches prior to our arrival. (Unsure how old). We were a bit lost on our ascent therefore attempted to traverse the slabs to get to our original destination gully, central couloir? We were half way across the slabs when we witnessed the avalanches. We turned back. It was snow dust on rock or slush for many of it. Good communication, remaining calm, experience and knowledge were key in this situation. I’m grateful we made it out safely and was reminded of the importance to trust your gut feelings. I had been leary of going for a few days prior while continuing to watch the weather.