Tour of Gulf of Slides 2/28/2020

February 28, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Name: Nolan Hobart
Location: Gulf of Slides Trail to Main Gulley

Crusty layer at lower elevation gave way to drier, softer snow above 3500′. Noticed snow remaining on trees above this elevation with more accumulation the higher we went.

Dug pits in runout of South gullies (historic size Av path), noted some crust about 25 cm from surface and performed CT with a moderate failure at 20cm, Q2. ECT performed as a result, and yielded ECTN19. Despite moderate risk, we decided to not ski Main Gulley as more potential human triggers were present than our group was comfortable with.

GoS trail skied bumpy on the way down. Busy day changed what looked like amazing ski conditions to decent trail conditions, with many bumps on steeper sections.