Shoestring Gully- Webster Cliffs

February 24, 2021 at 10:00 AM
Name: Matt Shove| Ragged Mountain Guides
Location: 19T 309268 4894300 West aspect Shoestring Gully, approx. 2390′ above the very first short buldge- snow field before the upper gully

10am, temp about 0C prior to the heating of the day, partly cloudy skies.

We observed old debris from a previous cycle. Ski pole probing and hand pits revealed 2 hard crusts. HST was 180cm. I got repeatable results of ECT11 in this pocket at 155cm on rounds or melt freeze forms but no propagation. This crust was largely supportable. This is likely to change with the current 2 day warming trend.

We exited the rock chimney finish. The upper gully is choked full of snow. Caution advised.