Huntington Ravine 02/23

February 23, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Name: Chris Wu| MWAC
Location: Huntington Ravine – Fan

Skinned up looker’s right side of Huntington Ravine. Moderate west wind and overcast at first, and observed some drifting and sloughing particularly below Pinnacle Buttress. Looker’s right had a mix of knife hard crust, 1F wind slab, and softer pockets.

Donned crampons to traverse to the Fan, finding more variable conditions. Passed a couple wind slabs with a characteristically hollow sound and feel. Hand shear test at the top of the Fan (east aspect, ~35 degree slope) slid cleanly on ice crust with moderate force. Crust below continues to degrade.

Skied looker’s left side of Fan, which held more consistent snow than other parts of the ravine. Yesterday’s snow was on the denser side and sticky from relatively warm temperature and sunshine. Temperature was around 25 F and cloud cover had cleared significantly since entering the ravine.

Bonus picture of Tuckerman Ravine: crown line from 02/21 Lip avalanche is still exposed, but starting to fill in due to drifting. Top edge of crown line is rounding over due to sloughing snow.