Avalanche in Gulf of Slides South Snow Fields

February 21, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Name: Conor Daly
Location: Gulf of Slides, South Snow Fields

We skinned into the South Snow Fields in the Gulf of Slides today and traveled on a Southeast aspect with a slope angle of about 32 degrees. We dug our pit at the bottom of our line. The location we chose was representative of the slope’s aspect and angle (slightly shallower) but was more protected from the wind than higher elevations. We performed an ECT test and had about a 30 cm crack on tap 1 from the surface to about 7 cm down to the rain crust, but besides that, no reactivating in the snowpack. Upon deconstructing the pit, we saw more energetic activity at different density layers in the snowpack. From this assessment, we expected to see some sloughing but felt comfortable with the stability. We began booting up, lookers left of the line, and remotely triggered a D2 slide. The crown line was about 8″-12″ in depth at its peak, propagated about 80′-100′ feet, and ran out a couple of hundred feet. We felt a collapse in the snow under our feet, but it did carry enough energy for it to slide under us. The avalanche slid to our right and one member of our group was hit with some slough that ran off the edge of the slide. No one in our group was caught, carried, or buried and we were all able to walk away unharmed.