Tuckermans and Appalachian Trail

February 19, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Name: Ryan Lewthwaite| MWAC
Location: Tuckermans and Appalachian Trail

Tuckermans: Overcast skies and light snow (S-1) with 15F degrees. Calm breeze and 1cm of new snow accumulation. The refrozen precipitation from Tuesday has kept surface conditions firm and icy on all aspects and elevations. Wind exposed areas of the middle and upper elevations are covered with a mostly supportable crust up to 4cm thick. There is a high risk for sliding falls even on the most gradual low angle slopes. Sleet pellets and loose granular snow exists underneath the capping crust in many locations. High winds have scoured much of the snowpack down to the 157mph windpack.
Appalachian Trail: Lower elevations have significantly less snow and wind effect, although the rain crust is still apparent. This crust is not supportable and post-holing over the boot is highly likely even with snow floatation devices. Below the degrading crust is loose and faceting snow grains with very little cohesion. Low elevation slopes over 35 degrees may be surprisingly reactive due to the poor structure of the snowpack.