Tuckerman Ravine Test Pit

February 12, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Name: Stuart C Johnson| East Coast Avalanche Education Center
Location: Base of Tuckerman Ravine

We entered Tuckerman ravine and observed a recent crown in Chute 70-100′ across and maybe 12-18″ deep (estimating). This area had some reloading but the crown was clearly visible. Many of the upper starting zones had signs of wind scouring or minimal cross loading, however there were obvious areas that had fresh wind deposits up high. Much of the loading was down low in the bowl or cross loaded behind rocks and gullies.
Our primary question was, how reactive are the new wind deposits. We dug several snow pits in some low angle wind deposits well out of the run out zones. The snow surface was generally about 30cm of dense 1F+ wind slab on a 20cm F layer of softer wind slab. Boot penetration was about 2cm unless you stepped near a tree, at which point it was nearly bottomless wallowing. Our test results were STV, CT3Q2 ECTP 13 all at the density change 30cm down.