Huntington Ravine Trail

February 11, 2021 at 1:00 PM
Name: Ryan Lewthwaite| MWAC
Location: Huntington Ravine Trail

A bitter cold afternoon in Huntington Ravine with temperatures near zero Fahrenheit. The wind was moderate and swirling from all directions but from the northwest most consistently. Blowing snow, poor visibility, and a cold wind chill kept the observations short and concise. I was not able to see any recent avalanches in Huntington or Tux because they were obscured by clouds. The wind was dominating the landscape and changing the texture and location of any dry snow. The protection of the trees offered the best conditions, and acting as a deposition area for snow that has been scoured from the slopes above. Wind exposed slopes were becoming 1Finger in surface hardness with some areas harboring soft snow beneath. Drifted snow was still exhibiting cracking in the surface wind hardened layer up to 6 inches thick. I was able to find faceted snow grains in the lower half of the snowpack just below a degrading refrozen crust. Expect continued cold to keep these facets loose and potentially worrisome for some time to come.