Tuckerman Ravines Floor

February 4, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Name: Ryan Lewthwaite| MWAC
Location: Tuckerman Ravines Floor

Around 4000 feet a layer of clouds obscured the summit and Tuckerman’s Ravine from view until 3PM. Moderate west to northwest winds were transporting snow to east and southeast aspects. The wind has been sculpting and scouring the recent 15 inches from early in the week, leaving behind waves and layers of drifted snow. The thickness and density of the redeposited snow is highly variable. Many areas have been eroded down to a knife hard windboard surface, and 10 feet adjacent there is soft creamy powder a foot deep. The winds have been inconsistent in direction and have filled in gullies with cross-loaded snow of varying densities. Surface snow that has been wind effected may also have soft snow underneath, not an ideal situation. Higher in the starting zones of many avalanche paths the wind has either stripped away any new snow or has firmly pressed it into the landscape. The middle elevation band (3000 to 5000 feet) appears to be robust with recent snow transport from the snowfields above and avalanche debris in the runout zones. This is where you can encounter the most variability in wind effected snow. Yesterday afternoon it lightly rained and a thin veil of refrozen precipitation was noticeable. The temperature was 18 (F) degrees.